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Ever wondered what my creative process is? Here is a little insight.

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I thought some of you may wonder how my commission process works so I thought I would give you a walk through of a wedding commission completed earlier this year.

Commissions can come from anywhere & anyone so whenever Jackdaw Decor is on tour I am sure to take some bridal bouquet examples with me. In April 2015 I was trading at the awesome Whitby Goth Weekend (FYI we will be there this November too) when a couple came to chat to me about my striking little Dracula bouquet - they loved the idea of a literary bouquet & took some details away with them.

Fast forward a couple of months Siobhan & Sean have an idea of what they would like, I supply an estimate - now the fun bit starts.

Step 1 - Paper selection

I have been given an idea of the colour palette & begin to select papers I email these off & wait for feedback. This is such a critical point in the process I always ask for honest feedback whether you love or loathe the selections because it's really important I build a complete picture of what is right for you.

Here is selection 1

Siobhan liked them but the colours are in the right vein but missing something

Test paper

Selection 2

Getting warmer but still not quite there - some colour palettes are challenging to nail down the greys & peaches in this were dulling each other down

Test paper 2

Selection 3

Got there sourced a beautiful vibrant peach that brought all of it to life (Mwah ha ha alive I tell you! - sorry too many Frankenstein flicks)

So now we have the right shades we can begin in earnest

Got there

Step 2 - Bouquet creation

I normally start with the bridal bouquet as this is the most important element of the flower order - once that is approved everything else can flow from it.

I create each flower, coat them to ensure weather resistance then the bouquet creation begins.

Step 3 - Approval stage

I complete the bouquet to a near final point then send off images for feedback/approval.

Again crucial point I only want to make flowers you love so if something doesn't look as you expected - tell me I am not going to be offended, each piece I create is unique & there is no point me sending you flowers you don't love.

Hooray - Siobhan loves them everything else can be completed

Step 4 - Order completion - almost a year to the day of the 1st email

I email images of each item as it's completed so there are no surprises as you can see the first buttonhole is for the groom created using text from a play with significance for them.

Grooms Buttonhole     Usher Buttonhole    Corsage

Bridesmaid bouquet

Step 5 - All completed

Everything is completed - just a final check of the delivery address, securely boxed, filled with packing chips & off for to Royal Mail tracked & signed for service

Step 6 - I hold my breath waiting to hear that it has arrived safely

Hip hip hooray it has arrived & Siobhan loves it

I love the creative process & helping add a special touch to such an important day.

The brilliance of paper flowers is you can order & receive them way in advance of your wedding - the only minus of this is for me is it means I mark down the days until your wedding so I can share pictures of your amazing flowers.

If you want to commission your heirloom of the future please contact me

Here is Siobhan's bouquet - front & back - a lovely bouquet with such a subtle colour palette. Along the petals of the lilies favourite/special lines from the play hand cut so as much text as possible was captured.

Siobhans Bouquet Front

Back bouquet



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