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An out of this world wedding bouquet for an out of this world couple

No prizes for guessing that Jenn & Adam's flowers had a galaxy theme - my title maybe corny but their flowers were anything but corny.

I met Jenn 2/3 years ago at (I think) Whitby Goth Weekend or maybe a Leeds Steampunk market - where we met is hazy as I have met Jenn & Adam across numerous markets over the intervening years but they always bought a smile to my day & a headband from my stand. We would witter about random things, wedding flowers, weather … and then they set a date... all of our chats would have to bear fruit!

Now as excited by this as I am, this bit always scares the (insert expletive here) out of me - I love creating beautiful things, I never send out anything I am not 100% happy with but I always have a little voice asking whether it's good, is it good enough, will they like it, did you really understand what they wanted - I sometimes wake in a cold sweat this is for weddings where I have only chatted to the client online you can imagine how my brain went into overdrive for Jenn's flowers!

I had been given a good guide for the colour palette & the galaxy theme so off I went to our meeting with a huge swatch of paper, some sample bouquets & the sat nav (it was only a 1 U-turn journey - super good by my standards) 

We agree swatches, swap ideas, I make notes, agree what needs to be mocked up, rough draw up how many buttonholes etc. are required then I return home full of tea & happy dread.

That is the tale of how these beautiful flowers were born - I know I say this many times but I really am blessed with such amazing clients there trust in me is awe inspiring and out of such fabulous collaboration truly unique commissions form

This is loosely based on the pretty vintage ephemera bouquet I created for Sarah but with some real sparkle as Jenn has a true magpie eye. The roses have a pretty silver foil edge created to look as though they have been lightly dipped in silver, the lilies are created from a space sky scene with nebulas, stars & galaxies with sparkly diamante stamens to represent the stars, the leaves have music special to Jenn & Adam foiled in silver, with a supporting cast of tiny roses, daisies, thistles, marigolds & purple eucalyptus.

Paper bridesmaid bouquet

Bridesmaid's posy

Paper flower buttonhole    Paper rose corsage

Buttonhole & Corsage

I am pleased to report Jenn loved her flowers (Hooray!) nearly as much as I loved creating them for her, this is why I do what I do because at the end of the day I am so privileged to add special, unique touches for such special celebratory days it really brings me great joy - Thanks for trusting me Jenn & Adam wishing the best of luck, love & happiness for the future x

If you'd like to work with me, please drop me an email

I do love a challenge & my idle hands will only get into mischief otherwise :D

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