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I am so incredibly lucky with the clients I work with - all lovely peeps who want to set their own stamp on their day - I have to say I feel really honoured to be able to help people with this.

Earlier this year I had a wonderful commission from a couple who are both illustrators obviously this would influence their material choice. The brief was to utilise their own artwork along with Oliver Jeffers & Tove Jansson to create a really colourful bouquet.

So began my book hunting quest I was not familiar with Oliver Jeffers work but quickly found some of his adorable story books about a boy & his penguin, I selected the titles 'Up & Down' 'Lost & Found' partly as they were the right colours but because - to me - they are apt for married life. I had a fabulous read through these lovely books & then had to go through again to earmark the pages for flowers.

Then onto Tove Jansson whose work is much broader than only the Moomins but who are we kidding of course it had to be Moomins with the aptly titled 'Moomin falls in love' again reading through earmarking pages and apologising to the book for the damage!

I went through the couples fab artwork requested the hi res files for some lovely pieces & off I went creating not only the bridal flowers but the table favours/decorations too. The decorations were to be a mix of daisies & roses with a leaf personalised with names & year. I used the brides artwork for the leaf as she had a notebook doodle in one of her pieces that suited the job perfectly.

I was thrilled with the final pieces so were the bride & groom so many gorgeous little details that have made these flowers a perfect fit for their day.

Here are a few snapshots - hope you like them as much as I do.

Moomin paper flower bouquet

Oliver Jeffers Moomin paper flower bouquet

Moomin paper daisy     oliver jeffers moomin paper flower

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