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Some fabulous shots from Amanda & James' wedding

I have been so behind sharing some more of these fab snaps from Amanda & James' big day. So thought I would pop a quick note down & let you see how gorgeous they both looked on their day.

I really can't express how proud I was to be able to add something special to their day - I feel this about all of my weddings but this one is extra special Amanda is one of my oldest friends (obvs not THE oldest that's Darren!) and although time, life paths & just stuff has meant we aren't as close as we once were we have known each other so long we're almost family. So you can imagine how thrilled I was that she & James had decided to tie the knot now times the by 100 when she asked me to create her flowers. Just wow!

As we are many miles apart all of our correspondence was by email & facebook with links to her dress & snapshots of ties for colour reference. When I asked if there was anything specific that was needed for her bouquet a favourite book etc. she replied "no unless you can get something from The Lost Boys in it :D" OK I'll see what I can do. I sourced some beautiful papers that almost could have been dyed especially for the job & purchased some sheet music - a lovely tie in a Amanda is a fab clarinet player when time allows. The music is "Good Times" a version of which is featured in the brilliant Lost Boys film - an appropriate choice for a wedding & married life.

Anyway I will stop waffling & share pictures.

Save only to say Amanda & James I wish you both the best of love, luck & happiness as this new chapter unfolds x

 Amanda & James

 How well did the paper flowers match the dress

Group shot

Always the bridesmaid!

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