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Hooray - This is the answer I was looking for :)

Hello Lovelies

Long time no chat - Sorry I will try to be better honest.

This post contains my personal thoughts to do with who marries who. If my beliefs on this offend you, please feel free to find another supplier, as we obviously wont be happy working together - have a nice life; au revoir.

You maybe wondering what has enticed me to the blog - quite simply it's love.

If you follow me on twitter (I couldn't get any other platform to work) you may have seen my etsy pride tweet.

It does feel weird for me to say I am happy to accept business from any couple wanting to tie the knot, exchange vows, commit to each other - however you define it & whomever your partner is - I don't care.

I have long held the belief that the only people whose sexual orientation effects my life is mine & who I want to be with - anyone else - I don't need to know it doesn't change who you are as a person nor my opinion of you. As Clare Rayner always said what happens between consenting adults is their business & nobody elses.

Anyway *steps off soapbox* how pleased am I to find this fabulous badge that says 'Hello' come talk to me about your wedding needs. A really fabulous idea from LGBTQ equality weddings - thanks for making it easier for me to let people know I'm happy to help

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