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A bit about me & my work process

This year will be my fifth year of paper floristry a really exciting & somewhat daunting affair. I am so lucky to have a job that is so interesting, challenging & creatively fulfilling to be mistress of my own destiny to be solely culpable for my own success.


It's lucky I work for myself really as no other boss would put up with my poor workroom behaviour (read this as obsessive, sweary worrier) coupled with an endless need for coffee. I drive myself mad with worry, I never stop worrying about an order whether it's bunting or a bouquet - is it absolutely perfect, have I fulfilled the brief, did I pack everything before posting...on & on my brain whirls round until it's delivered. The mad thing is I triple check everything - I have paper swatches kept with the bridal orders (photo back ups too!), I count everything in to the boxes (twice) but I am a perfectionist who wants to make sure that I have created the absolutely A1, perfect, better than I imagined bouquet and I can never be sure of that until my client sees their flowers in the flesh as it were - bearing in mind that before I send any flowers for delivery they have been through a photo approval stage. So if it seems that I ask obvious questions about your order it is to (try to) pacify my inner perfectionist demon & to ensure you get exactly what you want.

I truly believe that there is no point ordering from a bespoke maker and not getting a unique, suited to you & your day product. So I'm sorry if I offer you an abundance of choice but I don't want to make 50 copies of the same bouquet I want to make your bouquet for you. No request is too mad, too weird or too silly - we all have our own likes, loves & loathings if I can help stamp your own unique madness to your day then I have succeeded in my goal by the same token if I cannot achieve what you are asking for I'll be honest & tell you. Although to be truthful I am not a particularly wordy person when it comes to typed media so my communication tends to be short & to the point, given the choice between typing a blog, facebook post or a twitter communique I'd choose twitter 140 characters suits me well :)

The to & fro is all worth the effort. Sarah & Tom had a fabulous eclectic vintage ephemera feel to their wedding, it took a lot of work to get the right balance of colours  paper colours, flower types but we ended up with flowers I was thrilled with but more importantly so were the bride & groom. Image by bigphatphotos

Vintage ephemera paper wedding flowers

 So when you send me a query I respond as quickly as I can - not because I have a vast amount of spare time but I respond when I have answer for you & there is space in my brain to process your request. I aim to respond to queries within 24 hours of receiving them - when it's a request for a price guide it is a simple thing to attach my standard guide for you, maybe you've asked about a certain type of flower & in my response I have attached an image to give you an idea of what's achievable - I work on new designs all the time, sometimes what you're asking about is already half formed, sat in my thinking about where to use folder.

I am constantly striving to achieve new, better, unique, fun flowers, complete bouquets, buttonholes or headdresses - this was how I was trained to look at my work many years ago when trained & worked for many happy years as a florist.  The years spent co-ordinating workflows, improving process, delivering deadlines, playing 'cough' I mean evaluating different cardstock quality, finish & creative applications is another element that I bring to my work today. These diverse careers have now serendipitously melded into my career today.

Although all of this means nothing without the greatest part of my inspiration - my clients because without those chance conversations, little nuggets of information my half formed thoughts & ideas have nowhere to grow or flourish.

From little chats - amazing flowers grow like Jen's bouquet below - her flowers are created from her two boys artwork to stunning effect.

Child artwork paper wedding flowers

The beautiful commission below for a birthday gift in the recipients favourite summer shades. Image by h2photography

Summer paper flower bouquet

Now before you blame me for the calorie count I only made the flags the fabulous Vanessa from The Sparkling Spatula made the amazing cakes - just a little sample of simple ways to make your celebration unique for you

Sparkling spatula cakes

 or if you really can't agree on your cake how about a His & Hers cake from the talented Emily from The Flamingo Bakery

The Flamingo Bakery Harrogate

 I guess what I've been trying to say is your day, your way...No problem. Come have a chat let's start creating your heirloom of the future

Speak soon




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