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I'm back & with exciting new work on the horizon

Wow, what a busy week & it’s only Thursday!

I had the wonderful privilege to exhibit at a wedding open evening at Lains Barn, Ardington yesterday evening – all a little manic as it had to fit round some pre-scheduled work & it is a 4 hour car journey for me. Was it worth it? Yes, it was I had an amazing time, the brides with their varying entourages were lovely, the exhibitors that I managed to meet were fabulous, the events team from Lains Barn were brilliant & the venue itself it gorgeous (all beams & fairy light gorgeousness – take a look at their website)

It is so rewarding when you pull together work take a look at the end result & say yes, this tells my story this is who I am & what I can offer for you. Sorry if that sounds pretentious I don’t mean it to be but this is my first wedding event of the year & it really brought it home to me why I do this, I do this because whether it is something small like cake bunting or huge like the all of the wedding flowers I can help people add something special & personal to them on their special day. So even if it’s in a tiny way help enhance their day whilst they step into the world on the pathway of new adventure! Marvellous!

Whilst Mum went round being my agent (dreading that bill when it comes in) I got the rare joy of sharing my work with my sister who only gets to see photos of my work (& obviously get to have a little gossip too!) She took the picture below which I love I think she has captured it beautifully.

So all in all a marvellous, mad & manic time which I wouldn’t change for the world watch this space for some of the work inspired by my mad dash

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