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Midsummer paper poppy butterfly headdress woodland nymph wedding


Gorgeous poppy & butterfly headdress designed for a midsummer fairy celebration.
Inspired by thoughts of midsummer, what would a woodland nymph wear for her betrothal & the gorgeous illustrations of Mrs Noah's garden the delightful design was born. Nudging at my consciousness to be created, working late & waking early to part dreams of new designs, the bracken, seed heads & poppy centres were all creatively born for this stunning headdress.
Created from paper these beautiful flowers reflect the natural colours of icelandic poppies, interwoven with paper grass heads & bracken fronds enticing the pretty jewel coloured butterflies to dance.

A fantastical design that is made to order to ensure it fits you perfectly. Each design will vary slightly as I create each flower, frond, grass head & butterfly by hand - the beautiful birch twigs are created by nature so have their own plan too.

Headdress contains
Paper Poppy flowers in shades of lemon, blush, coral, pink & orange
Holographic jewel like paper butterflies at least 10 of them - they seem to move when I count them
Paper bracken fronds
Paper grass seed heads
Paper grass
Natural birch twigs

Poppy flower diameter approx. 5cm diameter
Butterflies range from 1.5cm to 4cm width

All neatly bound to ensure a comfortable fit

This could be created in different colours & styles

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