Perfect paper flower bouquets & gifts for you
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Price guide

Pricing – please note when I send you a quote the price will not change madly or suddenly, it only changes if you change your order; nothing I bill for will be a surprise to you – I strive for transparency.

If any information I supply doesn’t make sense – please ask me about it

(I may just have had too much/too little coffee so bear with me)

The list isn’t exhaustive, if there is something you would like not listed please ask

Bridal bouquets

Cascade/shower bouquet style similar to Nightmare


Posy style similar to Vintage Ephemera


Posy style with foil details similar to Touch of copper


Stylised crescent like the Woodland vine design


Posy style simple rose style like Ticket to happiness


Bridesmaids bouquet starting from £35.00 each

Rose wands from £12.50 each


Rose with brooch back or pin from £9.50 each

Lily with brooch back or pin from £12.50 each

Corsages from £12.50 each

Wrist corsages from £15.00

Headbands from £17.50

Headdresses from £55.00

Combs from £15.00